Silver Ion Reusable Gloves

Silver Salon Essentials

Your joints are achy again, your skin is inflamed from sweating in your latex gloves and after washing your hands 15 or more times a day, you want a compression glove which lasts longer, stays dry and seals in hand treatments.

Silver ion elastin gloves apply light pressure to muscles and joints soothing carpal tunnel and arthritis. They fit easily under vinyl or latex gloves increasing their reuse. Furthermore, the silver ion fabric which is soft-to-the-touch and quick to dry soothes skin, and wicks moisture.

Key Features: 

  • Provides light pressure (8-15 mmHg) to help relieve soreness 
  • Reusable up to 50x hand-washes
  • Moisture wicking when moisture hits the fabric surface, it spreads out and dissipates
  • Soft elasitin fabric coated with 20 nanometer-thick layer of silver
  • Ag+ ions kill 99.9% of bacteria destroying their capacity to produce energy, obtain resources from the environment and replicate

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Care Instructions: