Silver Ion Medimasks Bundled with Disposable Silver Ion Medical Masks, Mesh Bag and Lanyards (4 Types of Items / 62 Items Total)

Silver Salon Essentials

Do you need a mask that acts as as dressing or bandage undergoing a skin treatment, post-surgery or for inflammatory relief?

You’re in luck! The Silver Ion Medimask is a single layer silver ion cotton solution which fits comfortably under a required medical mask soothing irritated or abraded skin.

Silver has been used since ancient times for wound care and for its antibacterial properties. Some common uses of silver today are in surgical equipment and in clothing for burn victims.


We’ve had ICU nurses in Long Island recovering from skin cancer, acne and inflammation all experience noticeable skin changes within 3 days. Most people also enjoy the ease with which the mask can be taken on and off the face and worn around the neck.

Order now and you will receive:

  • 3 Silver Ion Medimasks (White or Black)
  • 50 Disposable Silver Ion Masks
  • 8 Lanyards (for fastening the masks)
  • 1 Mesh Bag



  • Designed to be worn under a required mask to soothe irritated skin.
  • Acts as a dressing or bandage when undergoing a skin treatment, post-surgery and offers inflammatory relief
  • Larger size offers healing for acne prone area under the jawline 
  • Great for outdoor activities as activewear with a single-layer lightweight breathable fabric
  • Soft cotton fabric coated with 20 nanometer-thick layer of silver
  • Ag+ ions kill 99.9% of bacteria destroying their capacity to reproduce 
  • Curve design and flexible nose clips conforming to the natural contours of the face
  • When moisture hits the fabric surface, it spreads out and dissipates
  • Elastic band fitting around the circumference of the head pulls back the ear loops alleviating pressure and tension on the back of the ears


  • Made with a 3-ply design using a non-woven outer layer, a filtering Melt blown cloth middle layer and a soft Silver Nano Ion Inner non-woven material skin layer
  • Conforms to CDC guidelines and is acceptable to be worn in hospitals and doctors' offices
  • Good as an outer mask with respect to the Silver Ion Mask or Medimask when double masking for extra protection against COVID-19 or fumes.                                                                 
  • Soft inner fabric coated with layer of Silver Nano Non-woven material
  • Ag+ ions kill 99.9% of bacteria destroying their capacity to produce energy, obtain resources from the environment and replicate
  • When moisture hits the fabric surface, it spreads out and dissipates
  •  Individually wrapped and disposable for Daily Use